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What is NILD Educational Therapy?

NILD Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to training educators to work with children and adults with learning disabilities through an individualized program of educational therapy. NILD Educational Therapy® stimulates areas of weakness through individualized and intensive intervention.

Learning Disabilities

Every human brain is created with a unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses. A learning disability is an area of weakness that significantly hinders our ability to receive, process and respond to information.

1 in 10 Canadians Has a Learning Disability

NILD Canada trains therapists, supports schools and offers hope to parents, in order to build the competence and confidence of students with learning challenges.


We connect you to NILD trained Educational Therapists.



We provide accredited training to become an NILD Educational Therapist.



We help you meet the needs of your students, parents, and staff.


What's Going On at NILD Canada?

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