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Survey Says…

Survey Reveals Significant Emotional and Social Gains for Students with Learning Disabilities Parents, teachers and therapists will tell you that students with Learning Disabilities also struggle with organization, emotional regulation, attention and focus. In fact, students themselves will tell you that they struggle with these skills in addition to anxiety, low self-esteem and motivation. NILD […]

5 Reasons to Attend NILD Canada’s Annual Conference

In this day of podcasts, webinars, and social media, why would an educator take the time to attend an educators’ conference? Furthermore, why would educators or parents choose NILD Canada’s Annual Conference? 5 Reasons to Attend the Conference Connect personally with our guest speakers: Dr. Steve Sider, Ph.D and r. Kimberly Maich, PhD, OCT, BCBA. This is […]

Interview with Two Education Experts – NILD Conference Guest Speakers

We are delighted to have Dr. Christina Belcher and Shari Pyle speaking at our upcoming conference: Engaging the Mind for Cognitive Change, April 21, 22, 2017 at Tyndale University College, Toronto, ON. Both of these guest speakers draw on a wealth of experience in the field of education and are excited to share their knowledge […]

Educators Train in NILD Educational Therapy

*This is PART 4 of a 4-part series “HELP AND HOPE for Struggling Students” The IEP student list seems to be growing. Is it true that more and more students are requiring extra help? Educators are expected to provide more specialized programming for their students. But, do teachers, educators, and resource teachers have the training […]

Teachers Look for Support in their Classrooms

*This is PART 3 of a 4-part series “HELP AND HOPE for Struggling Students” The job of teaching has changed dramatically since the one-room school house – grouping students by age, classroom sizes, ever changing curriculum guidelines, added extra curricular activities…the list goes on and on. But, on top of this ever changing role came […]

Students Experience Success with NILD Educational Therapy

*This is PART 2 of a 4-part series “HELP AND HOPE for Struggling Students” The first few days of school are over. Routines have begun to take shape. Is your child ready to tackle this new school year? OR is he already feeling overwhelmed or discouraged? How does a student with sensory processing struggles manage […]

What Does Special Education Look Like in International Contexts?

We had the privilege of having Dr. Steve Sider, from Wilfred Laurier University, speak to us at our Spring Conference. His vast experience as a classroom teacher, school administrator, special education teacher and consultant, and university professor helped us to see the big picture of serving students that learn differently. This week we are thrilled […]

Out with the OLD; In with the NEW

ANNOUNCING…our NEW website launch! As we approach the final days and weeks of 2015, we, at NILD Canada, say good-bye to our old website and welcome the new improved version. We are so excited to present our new mobile friendly site with simple navigation. You will see that the new site explains what we do […]