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HELP! School is Out! What now?!

School is out! By now you’ve heard that both public and private school will be closed following March Break for at least two weeks. Schools may, or may not, be providing instructional materials and/or online academic support. But amid the confusion and uncertainty, there is a silver lining. Not only does this three week “staycation” […]

“Oh, It’s Time for my Therapy Session!”

(This is a fictional account, but based on reality, of a boy in grade seven we’ll call “Jack”. The blog is written from his point of view as a student in his third year of educational therapy sessions.) Hi! I’m Jack! I am a 12 year old boy who enjoys taking things apart and I do […]

Modelling Reading

SHARING the LOVE of READING! Modelling behaviour, such as reading, is important in the world of humans as well as in nature. Recently, on a beautiful fall hike through the forest, I saw a young deer with his ears alert, listening for danger. He was foraging around choosing the best leaves, as taught by his […]

How a Conference Can Inspire Your Curiosity

Have you ever come home from a conference and been so inspired you can’t wait to get back into the classroom, your special education room, or your therapy station? A Professional Conference is great for stimulating your thinking, inspiring your curiosity, and creating dialogue with other educators and therapists. Recently I attended the National Institute […]

Unobtrusive Mourning Doves and Making a Change

We have a community of unobtrusive and content mourning doves in our backyard. They are generally quiet other than their low coos, very plain looking next to the vibrant male cardinal, and generally very unobtrusive. I’ve never thought about them too much, other than musing about their peaceful demeanour.  A classroom is much like a […]

Students Experience Success with NILD Educational Therapy

*This is PART 2 of a 4-part series “HELP AND HOPE for Struggling Students” The first few days of school are over. Routines have begun to take shape. Is your child ready to tackle this new school year? OR is he already feeling overwhelmed or discouraged? How does a student with sensory processing struggles manage […]

Autumn Splendor and Taking Time to Stop and Think

Something about the autumn makes us slow down after scurrying around in the summer busily doing all kinds of things. Now one reflects on the spectacular array of colours gracing the maple and poplar trees. We know it won’t last, as the rains and winds start swirling the leaves in all directions. We want to […]

Back to School: Turning the Box Around

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Margaret Mead It’s mid September, your child is back at school, and you met the enthusiastic young teacher. Are you and your child ready to take on the challenges of the new school year? The lingering warmth of summer, the cool nights with the […]

Increasing Competence and Confidence in Writing

Writing is one of the most challenging aspects of school for many children, even those who have no difficulty with learning.  So you can imagine the challenge for our students, who often struggle with reading and math, and especially writing! I would like to share the story of James. James is an exceptional reader, but […]