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HELP! School is Out! What now?!

School is out! By now you’ve heard that both public and private school will be closed following March Break for at least two weeks. Schools may, or may not, be providing instructional materials and/or online academic support. But amid the confusion and uncertainty, there is a silver lining. Not only does this three week “staycation” […]

Interview with Two Education Experts – NILD Conference Guest Speakers

We are delighted to have Dr. Christina Belcher and Shari Pyle speaking at our upcoming conference: Engaging the Mind for Cognitive Change, April 21, 22, 2017 at Tyndale University College, Toronto, ON. Both of these guest speakers draw on a wealth of experience in the field of education and are excited to share their knowledge […]

Autumn Splendor and Taking Time to Stop and Think

Something about the autumn makes us slow down after scurrying around in the summer busily doing all kinds of things. Now one reflects on the spectacular array of colours gracing the maple and poplar trees. We know it won’t last, as the rains and winds start swirling the leaves in all directions. We want to […]