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HELP! School is Out! What now?!

School is out! By now you’ve heard that both public and private school will be closed following March Break for at least two weeks. Schools may, or may not, be providing instructional materials and/or online academic support. But amid the confusion and uncertainty, there is a silver lining. Not only does this three week “staycation” […]

Modelling Reading

SHARING the LOVE of READING! Modelling behaviour, such as reading, is important in the world of humans as well as in nature. Recently, on a beautiful fall hike through the forest, I saw a young deer with his ears alert, listening for danger. He was foraging around choosing the best leaves, as taught by his […]

Bring Back Silence, Wonder, and Solitude

Have you ever wondered what life is like for your child? What do they hear and do every day? Do they experience silence? How is life different from when you were growing up? Our children have everything at their fingertips. They don’t need to wonder if there are poisonous snakes in Canada, they can just […]

Board Games: Not bored at all!

Board games help develop teamwork, life skills, and flexible thinking while having fun! In this era of high tech games on tablets, computers and phones, is there a place for the humble board game, or is this outdated? Do board games help in inquiry based learning? Do they make learning more relevant? What are the […]

Autumn Splendor and Taking Time to Stop and Think

Something about the autumn makes us slow down after scurrying around in the summer busily doing all kinds of things. Now one reflects on the spectacular array of colours gracing the maple and poplar trees. We know it won’t last, as the rains and winds start swirling the leaves in all directions. We want to […]

Homeschooling A Struggling Learner

When a child receives a diagnosis of a learning disability or an attention disorder, there are myriad emotions that the parent experiences: “Is this my fault? Should I have caught this earlier? What hope can I have for my child’s academic and vocational future?” If you are a homeschooling parent, these questions and concerns are […]

Summer Solutions for Preventing Boredom

The summertime is a great opportunity to keep your children’s brains engaged – especially for those of us who have children with learning differences. After all the long hard work they (and we) have put in to their learning, we don’t want them to lose the gains they have made. Here are some more ideas of […]

At-home Resources for Struggling Readers

When you discover that your child has difficulties reading and writing, as a parent, you want to do whatever it takes to help them to overcome those difficulties. Unfortunately, with the busyness of life and school schedules, and the other expenses that creep in, it can be difficult to find the time or resources to […]

Make Meaningful Memories This Summer

The much anticipated summer is finally upon us and the school year is winding down. So now what?? How do we keep our kids who have challenges engaged and make memories that will be meaningful? We don’t want to just waste this precious time. And of course, we want to help our children retain what […]