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Write Right!

Write Right! How do we promote writing authentically in this age where technology has spiralled and changed education? How do we keep our students writing when there’s an “app” that will do it for them? How do we, as adults, keep “writing right”? Creative writing is one of my passions, alongside reading. As a child […]

Flying Around with Words

Painters work with colour and form – Musicians work with sounds, rhythms – Poets work with words. Words are hard to pin down – they slither away from you, yet they are the best way we have of convening ideas, thoughts and emotions. (Bill Moore – Words that Taste Good) Teachers, educational therapists, and anyone […]

On the Value of Tenacity

Have you ever noticed that children who have learning challenges tend to grow up to be very tenacious adults? They often have to work extra hard to be noticed in the classroom, they sometimes have social challenges that need extra guidance to work through, and they know that if they give up they will face […]

Educators Train in NILD Educational Therapy

*This is PART 4 of a 4-part series “HELP AND HOPE for Struggling Students” The IEP student list seems to be growing. Is it true that more and more students are requiring extra help? Educators are expected to provide more specialized programming for their students. But, do teachers, educators, and resource teachers have the training […]

Teachers Look for Support in their Classrooms

*This is PART 3 of a 4-part series “HELP AND HOPE for Struggling Students” The job of teaching has changed dramatically since the one-room school house – grouping students by age, classroom sizes, ever changing curriculum guidelines, added extra curricular activities…the list goes on and on. But, on top of this ever changing role came […]

Increasing Competence and Confidence in Writing

Writing is one of the most challenging aspects of school for many children, even those who have no difficulty with learning.  So you can imagine the challenge for our students, who often struggle with reading and math, and especially writing! I would like to share the story of James. James is an exceptional reader, but […]