Professional Development

NILD Canada is dedicated to providing information for educators about teaching students with learning disabilities through courses, conferences, seminars, and in-service training.


Conferences, Seminars and In-Service Training

  • Two-day conferences are held in various locations each year. These conferences are designed to provide on-going professional development for NILD educational therapists, and to give all educators and parents a better understanding of learning disabilities and NILD Educational Therapy®.
  • Seminars—One day seminars are offered for educational therapists and professionals involved in education at different times throughout the year in various locations. These seminars are also open to parents who are interested in learning more about our program or learning disabilities in general.
  • In-Service Training – NILD consultants are available to present the NILD program and/or to speak on a variety of topics related to education and learning disabilities. These workshops can be given in a classroom, lecture hall, or convention/hotel setting.


Workshop Topics:

  • Maximum Memory: Fill ‘er Up
  • Teaching How to Learn in a What to Learn Culture
  • Understanding & Teaching Visual Spatial Learners
  • Encouraging Reluctant Writers
  • Teaching with the Brain in Mind
  • Laziness, Late Bloomer or Learning Disability?

Please contact us at if you would like to discuss arranging a speaker at one of your organization’s events.