As a therapist and a parent of a struggling learner I would not hesitate to recommend NILD Educational Therapy. The intentional and individualized therapy sessions, along with the ability to retrain the brain and stimulate areas of weakness in learning is teaching my daughter “how to learn”. Her confidence and self-esteem have improved and she came home with her first ever 97% on a math test this week! NILD educational therapy truly is a gift a parent can give to their child and an excellent investment into their future. It unleashes their potential and births new possibilities and dreams they never thought could be possible.

Rosanna Soh, Parent & Educational Therapist

It is an incredible joy to see the growth in my son after two years of therapy… academically, enhanced attention and focus, as well as improved confidence. I am so thankful for the opportunity to invest time and resources in this program in order to see this enormous progress.

Sandee Macgregor, Parent

It helps me memorize what I need to know on my tests. It helps me remember to put capitals at the beginning of sentences. It helps my hand writing. It helps me get my grades up. It makes me feel like I can do well in my regular class. It makes me feel good about myself.

Henry, Student

Our 9 year old son, diagnosed with mild Asperger syndrome, a learning disability and CAPD, has been in NILD educational therapy for the last 8 months and we have seen remarkable changes! The audiologist has noted that he does not usually see results like this; his teacher noted that he is making new friends and we have witnessed his self-esteem and confidence improving daily. We are so thankful for what NILD Educational Therapy has done for him – giving him the confidence and the tools he needs for what lies ahead.

Curt & Sandra, Parents

My son, Kevin, now 19 years old, has been in NILD Educational Therapy for six summers. He he was diagnosed with multiple learning disabilities and the school system did not believe he would ever be able to read. With the help of his therapist, Kevin can now read at a literate level! I believe it was through this therapy that some of Kevin’s learning disabilities were overcome by rerouting processes in his brain.  We are so pleased how far Kevin has come!

Happy mom!



I was so inspired by the brain changing multi-modal techniques of the NILD methods that I began offering educational therapy immediately following the course. After seeing the life changing differences it made in my students’ lives, I became a “Lifer”- Educational Therapy for LIFE! If you have the capacity to work with children who have educational challenges, then I highly recommend this course to you. The rewards for you, the students and their families are amazing!

Robin Biller, Certified Educational Therapist

While I was the Head of Schools at Niagara Christian Collegiate, we were pleased to be able to offer the NILD Discovery program to those students who would benefit from it. Thanks to the excellent work of NILD Educational Therapist and NCC faculty member Martha Giles, we were able to realize some significant results with students. NILD Canada provided training and support for the program we established and we were very appreciative of this!

Dr. Steve Sider, Ph.D, Redeemer University College


We have been working with NILD Canada in a research context, to help facilitate data collection and analysis for NILD-related interventions. Throughout the process, the NILD staff members have been welcoming, warm, enthusiastic, and most of all—persistent–in delving into the world of research.

Dr. Kimberly Maich, Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, Brock University
Dr. Tricia van Rhijn, Assistant Professor of Family Relations & Human Development, University of Guelph

As a behavioural Optometrist, I deal with children of all ages who have difficulties with learning. I recently had a patient who was receiving vision therapy for her poor eye tracking and visual perceptual deficits. The combination of NILD’s Educational Therapy and our Vision Therapy as a collaborative approach to whole body learning, enabled this young girl to succeed – and flourish. I had the honour of observing one of her therapy sessions and was floored by the amount of work completed in just one session – from memory activities, to mental math, handwriting, and spelling. I highly recommend this service to anyone with learning difficulties interfering with their school performance.

Angela Peddle, OD, FCOVD

NILD is …a dedicated group of highly trained educational therapists who recognize the learning potential of every child. With compassion and competence, they provide explicit, differentiated instruction to address and resolve each child’s unique learning challenges.

Nancy Mather, Ph.D. Professor of Learning Disabilities at University of Arizona,
Co-author, Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Achievement

It is most satisfying for me to have an opportunity to endorse the work of NILD and the help they have provided for countless children. Since its founding, NILD’s methods and philosophy have mirrored solid findings about brain development and the complex process we call learning. While others have jumped aboard the various trendy bandwagons that afflict education from time to time, NILD has held to and expanded on their effective, and research-based approach. I most heartily recommend this organization for your favorable attention.

Jane M. Healy, Ph.D. , Author of Endangered Minds, Failure to Connect, Your Child’s Growing Mind.

I do not think that I know an organization more committed to releasing the potential of all children with learning disabilities than NILD. In the short time that I have gotten to know the members of NILD, I have been very impressed by their knowledge and their desire for keeping abreast of evolving research, particularly in reading intervention. Perhaps more poignantly, however, I have been uplifted by the depth of their dedication to the children. They are a wonderful group.

Maryanne Wolf, Ed.D. John DiBiaggio Professor of Citizenship and Public Service Director, Center for Reading and Language Research, Tufts University

There are many organizations that believe that Special Education is an “art” … still others believe that Special Education is a “science”. Few organizations have the wisdom to understand that Special Education is BOTH an art and a science. NILD understands this. My relationship with NILD has been an honor and a pleasure for me. Their devoted membership and their mission-driven leadership have made a tremendous impact on the field and have enabled countless students to reach their fullest potential. Quite simply, NILD “gets it”. They have made an immeasurable difference in the lives of many, many families.

Richard Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed. Administrator, Adjunct Professor, Visiting Lecturer, Author, “It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend”

I have been fortunate to speak at several conferences sponsored by NILD, including having the honour of being the keynote speaker at their 25th Anniversary conference. One of the benefits of my participating in these conferences is to have had the opportunity to discuss in detail the activities of NILD with its leadership group as well as many members of the organization. I am very impressed with the thoughtful work NILD accomplishes in training educators to meet the learning and emotional needs of students. NILD members demonstrate an understanding of the learning process and an appreciation of the unique style of each child. They are a group that truly focuses on the whole child, touching both the hearts and minds of students, and reinforcing learning, hope, and resilience…

Robert Brooks, Ph.D. Faculty, Harvard Medical School Author, “The Self-Esteem Teacher” and Co-author, “Raising Resilient Children”