Our Team

Our Staff

Executive Director – Mary-Lou Maclean

Mary-Lou’s passion is helping struggling learners reach their full potential. She has worked in the field of education for over 25 years, as a teacher, NILD Educational Therapist and speaker. Since 2004, she has instructed graduate courses with NILD Canada and became Executive Director for NILD Canada in 2013.

Director of Marketing – Diane Geerlinks

Diane is passionate about helping kids learn, developing their strengths and improving their weaknesses. She has worked in the field of education for the past 25 years. In 2009, Diane trained as an NILD Educational Therapist and opened up her own practice, GeerLINKS Educational Therapy & Consulting. She is currently the Director of Marketing for NILD Canada and speaks at educators’ conferences across Canada.

Administrative Coordinator – Stacey Schinella Turner

Stacey is passionate about empowering children with diverse learning needs, by fostering a growth mindset. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a course concentration in Education, and has over 23 years of experience working in both educational and administrative roles. She is currently homeschooling her two elementary level children, and is the Administrative Coordinator for NILD Canada.

Board of Directors

Board Chair – Carla Vanderzaag

Carla has been involved in early childhood education as well as children with special needs for over 40 years as a classroom teacher, a homeschool mom and an Educational Therapist. She took the NILD training in the early 1990s and served as a therapist in her local Christian school in Alliston. She brings special skills to the Board table through her experience with her own registered charities in Canada and the Philippines. It has been her pleasure to be part of the NILD Canada Board of Directors as the organization became a registered non-profit organization and continued to expand its scope to train and serve Educational Therapists across Canada.

Board Member – Susan Maley

Susan, a mother of 6 has been involved in education for over 45 years as a classroom teacher, a homeschool mom and an Educational Therapist. She took the NILD training in 1993 and served as a therapist at a mission school in Papua New Guinea. She re-certified in 2009 and has a continued to work as a therapist in a school setting as well as in private practice. Her passion is to help students recognize their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses so they can achieve their full potential.

Board Member – Jordan Butcher
Jordan first heard about NILD through his aunt, who was a therapist in the 1990s. He witnessed the tremendous growth in his cousin, who was receiving educational therapy at that time. Jordan’s mother also became a therapist and helped dozens of children make extraordinary breakthroughs in their learning. His own study of educational therapy has helped him to improve his professional practice as a teacher. He has also promoted NILD training for his staff as a school principal because of the positive results he has observed with the Rx program, the usefulness of Search and Teach© for early intervention programming, and the suitability of the Rx programs for small group special education instruction. He joined the Board of Directors for NILD Canada in 2019.
Board Member – Wafa Martin

As a parent therapist, Wafa has seen firsthand the transformation of a student with learning differences and confidence challenges. After much research and experimental experience with other educational therapies, Wafa discovered NILD.  She has become an advocate for the inclusion of NILD in school settings, the community and in the homes of students. The research based NILD approach, with its structured and yet individualized therapeutic methodologies, simply is remarkable. With a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa, following a career in financial services, Wafa brings skills to the board of NILD which will be used to advance the organization. Her understanding and commitment to the mission and vision of NILD Canada and her enthusiasm to engage parents, educators and students is a valued addition.

Director Emeritus – Trix Bradley

Trix was first introduced to NILD in 1991, signed up for training in the U.S. and set on the path to bring NILD to Canada! Trix served as NILD Canada’s Executive Director for 12 years, and is currently an instructor in our graduate courses. As a Psychometrist, Special Education Teacher, and NILD Certified Educational Therapist, Trix brings help and hope to struggling learners in her private practice.