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We can schedule life-changing intervention sessions for your child!

He/she will work with highly trained learning specialists that will address your child’s needs.

NILD Educational Therapy® is administered by trained therapists who are passionate about helping students learn. They are committed to providing support and encouragement as they direct their students through the learning process. Each therapist has countless hours of experience working with children and youth and is given supervision and direction from NILD Canada. As therapists, we are dedicated to bringing out the best in your child, starting right where they’re at now and helping them achieve new goals, one step at a time. Read more about therapist training.

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To find a therapist in Canada, enter your location, select a radius, select the type of therapist you’re looking for, and click the “Search” button. 

Once the results are displayed, you can click on the “More info” link in the results to view the training courses completed by each therapist.