How Can NILD Help Educators?

Meet Needs
of your most vulnerable students

Stimulate Thinking
in your classroom by improving your questioning skills

Learn Strategies
to improve your students’ ability to think, reason, and process information

Strengthen Skills
in reading, spelling, math, and written expression

Build Confidence
in your struggling learners

NILD Canada supports educators seeking to meet the needs of students through:


NILD Canada is a conduit for linking educators to current research that strengthens intervention methods and equipping them to unlock the learning potential for all students. Read more…


Our courses are an opportunity to gain continuing education credits as you seek to best meet the needs of your students and put you on track for becoming a Certified NILD Educational Therapist! Read more…


NILD Canada offers in-service workshops to help educators understand the impact of learning differences and give practical ideas for educators to implement strategies in the classroom. Read more…

Do you have students who need more than tutoring?

There are warning signs that indicate extra tutoring may not be enough for some students. And check out our list of resources to find more tools to help you support your students with learning disabilities or challenges.

I was so inspired by the brain changing multi-modal techniques of the NILD methods that I began offering educational therapy immediately following the course. After seeing the life changing differences it made in my students’ lives, I became a “Lifer”- Educational Therapy for LIFE! If you have the capacity to work with children who have educational challenges, then I highly recommend this course to you. The rewards for you, the students and their families are amazing!
Robin Biller, Professionally Certified Educational Therapist

What is an Educational Therapist?

An NILD Canada Educational Therapist is a highly-trained individual who works with struggling learners in a one-on-one or group therapy setting. They are specifically equipped with the ability to identify and assess student learning needs. They then create and implement individual educational therapy plans utilizing the NILD techniques specific to the learning goals for each student.
Educational therapists must first have a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in education or a related field. Most begin their careers as teachers with an undergraduate degree in education and then go on to receive post-graduate training in educational therapy. Other educational therapists (Parent Educational Therapists) enter the field because they have a family member who is experiencing learning challenges. Read more…

Who Can Be An Educational Therapist?


Why Become an NILD Educational Therapist?

Though NILD has served over 100,000 students in it’s 40 years of success, there are many more students who would benefit from NILD educational therapy who are not currently being served. NILD Canada is always seeking to train more therapists to meet the high demand for educational therapy!

DSC_9688Unlock Potential
Teach students how to learn, rather than just what to learn. You will help to build a firm foundation for the student and unlock his potential.
DSC_9704 - goodDevelop Minds
Help students develop clear, efficient thinking, enabling them to overcome their specific learning weaknesses.
iStock_000003716052XSmallChange Lives
Open a world of opportunities in students’ lives, not only improving academic performance but also building their confidence and competence.
Our therapists are trained through rigorous, graduate-level courses.
They are mentored, participate in professional development, and complete a certification process.
They are skilled professionals involved in an intervention with a long history of success!



Steps to Certification

The NILD Canada Certified Educational Therapist (CET) certification is recognized and respected by educational therapists, administrators and parents alike. Certification is achieved upon successful completion of Level I, II and III training courses and participation in NILD Canada’s endeavours.


Level I is an introduction to the general field of learning disabilities and provides foundational training in the philosophy and techniques of NILD Educational Therapy®. The course prepares participants to begin giving NILD educational therapy as interns.

Pre-requisites: Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field or equivalency.
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Level II provides a review of introductory NILD Educational Therapy® techniques and introduces a series of techniques for advanced students to include mediated learning and questioning skills.

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Level I.
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Level III develops mastery skills and provides an in-depth study of mediation, cognitive functions and information processing within NILD Educational Therapy® techniques.

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Level II.
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Re-Certification:To remain active as an NILD Canada Certified Educational Therapist, you are required to continue practicing educational therapy and participating in ongoing professional development.

Master’s Degree in NILD Educational Therapy®

NILD currently partners with two universities to offer graduate degrees that incorporate NILD’s training courses as part of each degree’s requirements:


Regent University offers an online Master of Education Degree with emphasis in NILD Educational Therapy®. This is an exciting opportunity to earn degree credits while gaining the tools needed to meet the needs of struggling learners.


Southeastern University also offers an online Master of Education in Exceptional Student Education – NILD Educational Therapy®. Southeastern’s Master of Education in in ESE with a concentration in NILD Educational Therapy prepares educators to help students discover their potential through an individualized, therapeutic approach.