2018 Annual Conference Audio Bundle


7 Workshops from our 2018 Annual Conference

1 – Assessing Social Skills for Students with ASD (Dr. Kimberly Maich)
2 – Discover the NILD Difference (Mary-Lou Maclean, Executive Director of NILD Canada
3 – Everyday Leadership (Dr. Steve Sider)
4 – Holly & Zach Lo Testimony
5 – Rx for the 3 R’s Small Group Intervention (Diane Geerlinks, Marketing Director of NILD Canada)
6 – Solving the Mystery of Psycho-Educational Assessments (Trix Bradley)
7 – The Basics of Processing Speed (Lorri Wilke)

Includes full audio recording of the workshops and handouts (PDF format).

Once you receive the email from NILD Canada with a link to download the audio files, you will have 30 days to download. Each file may only be downloaded one (1) time.