20/20 Vision: Enhancing Cognitive Skills for Maximum Learning


These sessions are from our 2020 NILD Canada Online Conference. For more information on each of the sessions and the speakers, go here.

Video recorded sessions include:

  • Reimagining Learning for the Future – Diane Geerlinks
  • Role of Cognition on Reading and Mathematics – Dr. Kristin Barbour
  • The Digital Age: How Technology is Affecting the Cognition, Mental Health, and Future of our Children – Mary-Lou Maclean
  • The Impact of Anxiety on Educational Achievement – Michelle Hogeterp
  • Constructs of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment – Dr. Kristin Barbour
  • Implementing Social Emotional Components into NILD Educational Therapy Sessions – Dr. Kristin Barbour
  • Gifted and Twice Exceptional Learners – Mary-Lou Maclean
  • Executive Function: Air Traffic Control – Mary-Lou Maclean
  • Movement & The Brain: Move More, Learn More – Diane Geerlinks

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