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HELP! School is Out! What now?!

School is out! By now you’ve heard that both public and private school will be closed following March Break for at least two weeks. Schools may, or may not, be providing instructional materials and/or online academic support. But amid the confusion and uncertainty, there is a silver lining. Not only does this three week “staycation” […]

Celebrate the Simple Things

Do you celebrate the simple things with your children? A mother’s heart is a tender thing.  It is difficult to watch our children struggle or face challenges with learning or with their behaviour.  We may see their frustration as they try to complete homework, or make friends, or even just be happy. It can be […]

Taking the First Step

When a baby takes its first step, everyone holds their breath. I remember our oldest son took his first step on the ferry going to Prince Edward Island.  He was so excited to walk, he almost ran on his wobbly feet, back and forth between our arms. When a junior kindergarten student takes his or […]