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Write Right!

Write Right! How do we promote writing authentically in this age where technology has spiralled and changed education? How do we keep our students writing when there’s an “app” that will do it for them? How do we, as adults, keep “writing right”? Creative writing is one of my passions, alongside reading. As a child […]

How NILD Educational Therapy Helps Dyslexia

Dyslexia affects 1 in 10 people. Do you or a loved one have dyslexia? Statistics show that 1 in 10 people suffer with dyslexia. Those are very high odds. What is life like when you struggle to read every day? As an NILD Educational Therapist, I already knew that our therapy program was beneficial for […]

“Oh, It’s Time for my Therapy Session!”

(This is a fictional account, but based on reality, of a boy in grade seven we’ll call “Jack”. The blog is written from his point of view as a student in his third year of educational therapy sessions.) Hi! I’m Jack! I am a 12 year old boy who enjoys taking things apart and I do […]

Modelling Reading

SHARING the LOVE of READING! Modelling behaviour, such as reading, is important in the world of humans as well as in nature. Recently, on a beautiful fall hike through the forest, I saw a young deer with his ears alert, listening for danger. He was foraging around choosing the best leaves, as taught by his […]

Bring Back Silence, Wonder, and Solitude

Have you ever wondered what life is like for your child? What do they hear and do every day? Do they experience silence? How is life different from when you were growing up? Our children have everything at their fingertips. They don’t need to wonder if there are poisonous snakes in Canada, they can just […]

Taking the Next Step

Once that first step is taken by parents to have their child tested because he or she is struggling with learning it’s time to take action. What is the next step? Parents are encouraged to have their child’s vision and hearing tested, to rule out any other factors affecting the learning. At this point, psycho-educational […]

Reading Fluency: Is it at Risk Or Even Endangered?

The World Wildlife Federation sends me literature on animals at risk or endangered. Recently I read that the little Brown Bat and the Blanding’s Turtle, both located in Ontario are endangered due to loss of environment and disease. The increasing network of roads across southern Ontario is isolating the turtle and destroying its natural habitat. Action […]

March Mania: Read, Rhyme and Write

In the book I Can Read with My Eyes Shut, Dr. Seuss wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more things that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” March is a month of change. The weather changes as the cheerful robin returns to build her nest, marking the arrival […]

Autumn Splendor and Taking Time to Stop and Think

Something about the autumn makes us slow down after scurrying around in the summer busily doing all kinds of things. Now one reflects on the spectacular array of colours gracing the maple and poplar trees. We know it won’t last, as the rains and winds start swirling the leaves in all directions. We want to […]

Summer Reading Ideas for Our Reluctant Readers

In the summer it can be difficult to encourage reading and help our children keep their brains active and their thinking skills sharp. One way to do this is to have them reading regularly. This may be challenging, especially if we have reluctant or struggling readers. Sometimes all it takes is a few suggestions or reminders […]