In this day of podcasts, webinars, and social media, why would an educator take the time to attend an educators’ conference? Furthermore, why would educators or parents choose NILD Canada’s Annual Conference?

5 Reasons to Attend the Conference

  1. 2017 Conference with speaker Mary-Lou MacLeanConnect personally with our guest speakers: Dr. Steve Sider, Ph.D and r. Kimberly Maich, PhD, OCT, BCBA. This is your chance to ask questions because they are experts in the field of education. 
  2. Glean practical tips from experienced professionals. These presenters are with students, day after day, that learn differently. As a result, they have so much to share with us! We have prepared great workshops designed specifically for parents, educators, and therapists. 
  3. Collaborate with colleagues, other educators and friends. It is always a privilege to meet with like-minded professionals and/or parents that are experiencing the same struggles as you. Because, it is when we share our triumphs and failures that we receive new HOPE to carry on. 
  4. Shop at vendor booths to peruse and purchase quality resources. We have invited vendors that have specific products and/or services that are especially relevant to you and will offer the HELP you need to teach. 
  5. Observe a live NILD Educational Therapy Session – One of our Professionally Certified Educational Therapists, and their student, will demonstrate a therapy session! This student, and his/her parents, will share how this therapy is translating to other parts of his/her life. Check out these video testimonials from students, educators, and parents about the success of this program.

So, why not join us at our annual conference this year? Register today! We want you to be refreshed and rejuvenated, because then you can be the best educator or parent! Most of all, it is our desire to offer HOPE and HELP for struggling learners since we know this is your passion as well!