As a therapist, it is my goal to unlock my students’ potential, increase self confidence and bring learning to life! At the same time, I am in conversation with my student’s parents, working together for lasting change. We are on a journey – the student, the parent, the therapist – towards independence.

It is with deep gratitude that I read these words penned by one of my student’s parents:

Starting our son the NILD Discovery Program was easily the best decision that we have made in terms of putting him on the road to a successful future. As a parent it can be difficult to recognize that your child needs something different than the program the school system is prepared to offer. Our situation was compounded by the mixed messages we received from professionals. Some said he was probably “gifted” while others said he “didn’t need to read or do math”. Equally frustrating were the interventions offered when he was assessed – pages of “cut and paste” suggestions without any useful plan to move him forward.

We stumbled upon the NILD Discovery Program through a Christian school in our area and he started at the beginning of grade six. The results were truly amazing and certainly set our son onto the road to a successful future! He was writing beautiful cursive script by early November, quite a feat considering his printing had previously been illegible. The analogy that NILD uses regarding a building a strong foundation to facilitate future learning, is a true example of our son’s situation. It’s a sad reality that the educational system has to keep moving forward even if individual kids are missing basic skills. His Educational Therapist basically re-taught him the fundamental concepts that he had missed in the regular classroom. And not only that…

NILD Educational Therapy also helped to address some of the behavioural issues that are often seen in children with learning disabilities. The program was well designed and adaptive to his needs; it helped him learn how to focus, cooperate and get his work done. His therapist was a big part of his success. There is nothing like seeing someone believe in your child’s potential to do better. Our son completed three years of NILD Educational Therapy and is now thriving in high school. I really believe ET changed the course of his educational experience and ultimately his life!” (submitted by: A Thankful Parent)

It is these stories of changed lives that motivate me to keep doing what I’m doing. At NILD Canada, our aim is to open a world of possibilities for struggling students; of bringing lifelong learning to life!

If you are a parent looking for help for your student, please locate a therapist in your area. If you are an educator looking to become a therapist, please check out our website by starting in the Educators section and email us at:


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