How Can NILD Canada Help My Child?

A few areas of difficulty can have a devastating effect on your child’s ability to learn, making the education process a
frustrating experience. Does your child struggle in any of these areas?

Difficulty With Reading Or Math

Poor Spelling

Illegible Handwriting

Trouble Expressing Thoughts

Organizational / Memory Weakness
Do you want your child
…to improve in thinking, reasoning and processing?
…to gain critical skills in reading, spelling, math, and written expression?
…to become a more competent and confident learner?
…to achieve success in the classroom and beyond?



Who Is A Candidate for NILD Educational Therapy?


Our 9 year old son, diagnosed with mild Asperger syndrome, a learning disability and CAPD, has been in NILD educational therapy for the last 8 months and we have seen remarkable changes! The audiologist has noted that he does not usually see results like this; his teacher noted that he is making new friends and we have witnessed his self-esteem and confidence improving daily. We are so thankful for what NILD Educational Therapy has done for him – giving him the confidence and the tools he needs for what lies ahead.
Curt & Sandra, Parents

Building A Foundation


A few areas of difficulty can have a devastating effect on your child’s ability to learn, making the education process a frustrating experience. They may seem lazy or disconnected, but the truth is that what we see is often a symptom of many possible underlying issues. Does your child struggle with reading or math or poor spelling or illegible handwriting? Or does he have trouble expressing his thoughts verbally or in writing or does she have weaknesses in organization or memory?
A learning disability is an area of weakness or inefficiency in brain function that significantly hinders our ability to learn. It is a pattern of neurological dysfunction in the brain that causes a person to have difficulty correctly receiving information (perception), correctly processing information (cognition/thinking), or satisfactorily responding to information (written and verbal expression, visual-motor coordination, memory, etc.) The good news is that research is proving that the brain can change!

You see the problem is that children need to have strong building blocks in place in order to perform well academically. Sometimes this foundation is shifting and the wall is crumbling. We believe that with NILD Educational Therapy, we can re-build a firm foundation by strengthening neurological pathways which results in competent, confident students who are equipped to improve their academic performance and learn independently.
We can schedule life-changing intervention sessions for your child!
He/she will work with highly trained learning specialists that will address your child’s needs.

What Can I Do For My Child?

And if you’re looking for more information on learning disabilities, resources to help your child succeed, and associations that can provide information and support, check out our resources page.