NILD Services for Schools

NILD Canada supports your school so you can meet the needs of your students, parents, and staff to produce life-long, competent, and confident thinkers!We can help you:

Provide support to your teaching staff through in-service workshops, conferences, and training courses
Strengthen students’ skills in reading, spelling, math, and written expression
Meet the needs of your most vulnerable students by using research-based intervention practices
Engage all your staff in producing competent and confident learners in your school

Professional Development for Teachers

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Workshops & Resources for Parents


Research-Based Interventions For All Learners

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How Does NILD Educational Therapy differ from tutoring?

Discovery in Schools

DISCOVERY is the program name often given to NILD Educational Therapy in a school setting.

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Students who participate in the program receive regular sessions of educational therapy in individual sessions or in a small group setting from a trained NILD Educational Therapist. One of our private practice therapists can come to your school to provide the therapy OR you can send one of your teachers to be trained in our courses.

The Discovery in Schools Program does not replace, but rather enhances the Resource or Learning Support specialists within your school. The success of this program lies within its neurodevelopmental techniques, focusing on strengthening the neurological pathways in the brain bringing efficiency to cognitive brain functioning.

Benefits of the Discovery in Schools Program:

Improved Students
Improved confidence and competence in students

Added Value
Attractive to families that have a struggling student

Low Cost
Financial impact to the school is minimal

If you’re interested in finding out more about how NILD Educational Therapy can be integrated in a school setting, contact us! Also, check out our resources page for online resources and “suggested reading” books that can support your struggling students.


We have had an NILD Educational Therapist operate her private practice in our school for the past 5 years. Having the Discovery in Schools therapy program readily available in the building during school hours has made it a viable option for students needing additional support. The therapist is a helpful member at our team meetings when reviewing a student’s progress. Offering this therapy has introduced new families to Immanuel; giving them renewed hope for their child’s learning.
Jasper Hoogendam, Principal – Immanuel Christian School, Oshawa, ON

Professional Development

NILD Canada is dedicated to providing ongoing training to therapists, parents, educators and other professionals.

NILD Canada is a conduit for linking educators to current research that strengthens intervention methods and equipping them to unlock the learning potential for all students. Read more…

Our courses are an opportunity to gain continuing education credits as you seek to best meet the needs of your students and put you on track for becoming a Certified NILD Educational Therapist! Read more…

NILD Canada offers in-service workshops to help educators understand the impact of learning differences and give practical ideas for educators to implement strategies in the classroom. Read more…

Workshop Topics

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Teaching How to Learn in a What to Learn Culture
Executive Function – Air Traffic Control
Those Inner Voices
Raising a Person’s EQ
Modifiable Intelligence through Mediated Learning
Turning the Box Around: Supporting the Child who Learns Differently
Learning Difficulties and the ADHD Child
It’s all about the Eyes and Ears!
Stimulating the Reluctant Writer
Teaching with the Brain in Mind
Laziness, Late Bloomer or Learning Disability?
Teaching Children with Learning Challenges
Yellow Beets, Okra, and Purple Beans: Understanding Each Child’s Uniqueness