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Write Right!

Write Right! How do we promote writing authentically in this age where technology has spiralled and changed education? How do we keep our students writing when there’s an “app” that will do it for them? How do we, as adults, keep “writing right”? Creative writing is one of my passions, alongside reading. As a child […]

5 Reasons to Attend NILD Canada’s Annual Conference

In this day of podcasts, webinars, and social media, why would an educator take the time to attend an educators’ conference? Furthermore, why would educators or parents choose NILD Canada’s Annual Conference? 5 Reasons to Attend the Conference Connect personally with our guest speakers: Dr. Steve Sider, Ph.D and r. Kimberly Maich, PhD, OCT, BCBA. This is […]

On the Value of Tenacity

Have you ever noticed that children who have learning challenges tend to grow up to be very tenacious adults? They often have to work extra hard to be noticed in the classroom, they sometimes have social challenges that need extra guidance to work through, and they know that if they give up they will face […]

Out with the OLD; In with the NEW

ANNOUNCING…our NEW website launch! As we approach the final days and weeks of 2015, we, at NILD Canada, say good-bye to our old website and welcome the new improved version. We are so excited to present our new mobile friendly site with simple navigation. You will see that the new site explains what we do […]

On the Road to a Successful Future

As a therapist, it is my goal to unlock my students’ potential, increase self confidence and bring learning to life! At the same time, I am in conversation with my student’s parents, working together for lasting change. We are on a journey – the student, the parent, the therapist – towards independence. It is with […]

Back to Bedlam

(Or at least that is how it can feel when dealing with our children who have learning and behavioural differences.) Now that summer is coming to a close, and the weather is getting a bit cooler, we have to turn our thoughts to getting back into our school routines. For some, this can be very […]

Summer Reading Ideas for Our Reluctant Readers

In the summer it can be difficult to encourage reading and help our children keep their brains active and their thinking skills sharp. One way to do this is to have them reading regularly. This may be challenging, especially if we have reluctant or struggling readers. Sometimes all it takes is a few suggestions or reminders […]