ANNOUNCING…our NEW website launch! As we approach the final Look-whats-newdays and weeks of 2015, we, at NILD Canada, say good-bye to our old website and welcome the new improved version. We are so excited to present our new mobile friendly site with simple navigation. You will see that the new site explains what we do and how we do it in a more professional and succinct way.

It is our desire to connect with you, as parents, educators and school administrators. We want to be a resource for you – to help you support your struggling students.

  1. Parents: The journey of parenting a child with learning challenges can be overwhelming and we want to help you alleviate that stress. Our main goal is to connect you with a trained therapist in your area, so that you can get the help you need for your child. Check out our warning signs checklist to help determine if your child has potential learning challenges. Peruse our resources page to find books and other resources to support your child. help you learn more about the benefits of NILD Educational Therapy.
  2. Educators: We have heard the ‘cry’ of educators as they try to meet the ongoing needs of struggling learners in their classrooms. New curriculum expectations and growing class sizes already add to the demands, let alone meeting the individual needs of students with learning challenges. Our goal at NILD Canada is to train therapists to meet the student’s needs; to change the brain so that the learning process becomes easier for your student. Check out our training page to see our course selection.
  3. School Administrators: The expectation and challenge for schools to provide for ALL students is ever before us. Our goal at NILD Canada is to support your teachers and parents, by providing in-service workshops to help schools meet the needs of their struggling learners. You can also contact a therapist in your area to come to your school to provide NILD Educational Therapy for your students. We are here to help!

In the past few months, we have been at education conferences, private and public and have heard over and over again that the services of NILD Canada are the ‘best kept secret’ out there. We are trying to change that! Please visit our new site and share it with other parents, friends, colleagues and professionals. Help us spread the news of HOPE and HELP for our students!