Survey Reveals Significant Emotional and Social Gains for Students with Learning Disabilities

Parents, teachers and therapists will tell you that students with Learning Disabilities also struggle with organization, emotional regulation, attention and focus. In fact, students themselves will tell you that they struggle with these skills in addition to anxiety, low self-esteem and motivation. NILD Canada recently sent out a survey to find out how NILD Educational Therapy helped alleviate these struggles. We were so pleased to see the results!

We already knew that we were helping students build strong foundational skills to support academics as reported in our 2015 research study. This time we wanted to ask parents, therapists and students themselves what they had actually experienced emotionally and socially after one year of NILD Educational Therapy. And, over 100 people responded.

The questions in our survey focused on the student’s:

  • willingness to attend therapy sessions
  • relationship with the therapist
  • improved self-regulation
  • better organizational skills
  • enhanced focus and attention
  • feeling of self-worth

As NILD Educational Therapists, we already knew that our therapy sessions affect our students’ cognition, perception, academics, and emotion. But, we were once again reminded of the power of NILD Educational Therapy. Week after week, we see students working through their challenges towards independence. Just this past week, I met with the parents of two of our students. In each case, the parent commented on the improved self-confidence and self-regulation of their child. In each case, the parent also commented on the positive relationship with the therapist and the impact of that on their child. And once again, I was reminded of the wonderful opportunity we have to support these students and their parents.

Let’s keep working together to empower these students to develop greater confidence and competence in order to set these students on the road to success!

Read the full survey results here.